Cosmetic Enhancement vs All Natural: In the Adult Industry

Sex workers have their own fair share of physiological problems like any ordinary human being. This being said, these problems are becoming a burden for them, especially that they have to fit into a stereotype about sex workers; that they need to look good for them to completely fulfil the sexual fantasies of other people. Sexual anxieties, like all forms of anxiety and worry, even afflict the professionals in the field.

Cosmetic enhancements play an important role in the adult industry. For one, cosmetic surgeries can drastically increase the income of sex workers, in contrast to all natural women who are in the same line of work. However, going under the knife has its own pros and cons. Do augmented sex workers reap more rewards in the commercial sex business? Or do all natural sex workers have the ace in this business?

Cosmetic Enhancements vs All Natural: In the Adult Industry

A lot of sex workers have undergone cosmetic enhancements “to get rid of” the things that other people, especially their customers, find unattractive. In Colombia, the plastic surgery capital of Third World countries, sex workers are queuing up in cosmetic centres for some cosmetic work. For instance, Ozy reported that a Colombian prostitute saved up $4,000 for a breast enlargement procedure. According to her, the benefits preponderated the huge cost. Now, she earns five times more than what she used to bring in prior to her surgery.

There are also scientific evidences that cosmetic enhancements lead to better sex. If this is the case, then augmented sex workers have an upper hand on this one. According to an article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 95 percent of interviewed women who have undergone cosmetic procedures had better sex and more powerful orgasms. Their sexual partners also had the same effect, as per the journal article.

With these amazing benefits, it seems that all natural sex workers do not have the competitive edge in the adult industry. Yes, augmented sex workers are more desirable, but it is “how they work it” that stands out and matters. All natural sex workers also need not to worry about the complications that may arise after cosmetic surgeries. There are reports that such enhancements have a certain shelf life. Fortunately, there is zero chance that their boobs might fall off while getting passionate with their clients. Moreover, they can allocate their money to more important things.