Gender reassignment Surgery in Sydney

Gender reassignment surgery is a complex procedure that entails psychiatric assessments, psychotherapy and hormonal therapy. Male-to-female (MTF) or female-to-male (FTM) reassignment procedure is comprised of multiple surgeries such as breast, genitals and voice surgeries. Since gender reassignment surgeries are irreversible, those who would want to undergo sex change operation should think twice before going under the knife. That being said, there are cases where people decided to revert the procedure. It is an expensive pursuit that has no guaranteed success.

In Australia, Sydney is becoming the center of gender reassignment surgeries. Being a trans-friendly society, the city has a lot of hospitals and doctors who offer sex change procedures. One that we recommend is Dr. Peter Haertsch. He has 20 years of solid experience here and abroad in gender affirmation surgeries. All of Dr. Heartsch’s procedures are in accordance with the guidelines of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Now that he is back to work in Sydney, patients who want to undergo MTF or FTM surgeries need to secure psychiatric assessments and an outline of their hormone levels.

There are also organizations, such as The Gender Centre, Inc., that provide services or activities that will help transgender and gender diverse people arrive at sensible decisions. Moreover, these groups inform and edify the families, colleagues, friends and the general population regarding the needs of the transgender and gender diverse people, what they go through every day, and the life pre- and post-operation.

Reasons Why People Undergo MTF or FTM Surgeries

Gay Rights Issue?

Most people think that gender affirmation procedures are gay rights issues. But according to Andy Guy, the first Aussie to have undergone phalloplasty in the United States, these surgeries are actually health issues and not gay rights issues, contrary to what most people think. “This is a procedure about becoming the person you are, not about your sexual behavior or sexual orientation, which is what it becomes caught up in,” he said in an interview.

Social Acceptance

Transgenders in some parts of the world go through bullying and abuses. Fortunately, Sydney is a haven for these people since there is already social acceptance. The city is also very open to the idea of FTM or MTF surgical procedures. In fact, according to some patients, their families, friends and colleagues are very supportive. There are instances where family members even lend money to the patient for the operation.

If you have stories to tell about your life pre- and post-trans, share it with us on the comment section below!