Science and Surgery in Service to Sex Workers

Did you know that London gave birth to the world’s first transsexual man? His name was Lawrence Michael Dillon, an aristocrat who was the subject of the first female to male (FTM) surgery. After Dillon’s transformation, all things went well but not until a newspaper had looked into the inconsistency that was found on Dillon’s birth certificate. Unfortunately for him, his FTM transformation was publicized by the said newspaper. Shattered by the turn of events, he went to India and later on became a monk.

 Not all people were as lucky as Dillon (in some ways). Most transsexuals in some parts of the world end up as sex workers or transsexual escorts because of the society’s discrimination and intolerance towards the likes of them. In fact, The Daily Mail reported that majority of those who are part of the trans-world are marginalized in terms of job security. It’s either you’re in between jobs or you work as an escort.

 There are also cases where people who slog and toil in the sex industry have transitioned while concurrently working. From being a cowgirl, a sex worker in Canada had metamorphosed as a trans-man. How do these surgeries take place?

 Male to Female Surgery (MTF)

 Most of the time, trans-women go through vaginoplasty. In here, the male sex organ (penis) will be altered to become the female sex organ (vagina). The tissues in the penis will be re-situated and folded. The idea behind the entire process may be blood-curdling for some, especially when some parts had to or are going to “melt off.” Rest assured; these will grow back.

 Prior to the surgery, it is advised that trans-women should’ve undergone hormone replacement therapy. Post-operation, transsexuals can opt for voice chord and breast augmentation surgeries.

 Female to Male Surgery (FTM)

 FTM surgeries often involve colpocleisis, chest reconstruction, penile implant or testicular implant. In colpocleisis, the vagina is “sealed off” without detaching the muscular wall. A closed vagina will give way to penile or testicular implants. Aside from the breast, the uterus and ovaries of trans-men are also removed.

 Surgeries for Heterosexuals

Heterosexual sex workers also undergo reconstructive surgeries. Beyond your usual breast augmentation and girth enhancement, virginity surgeries are also possible. In fact, sex workers in Colombia are being subjected to hymen restructure operations so that they can be trafficked as virgins.