Ten Ways to Fund Your Gender Reassignment Surgery

The most popular method of funding gender reassignment surgery remains whoring. Prostitution finds many transvestites and wannabe transsexuals hard at it at the coal face of the commercial sex business. Sucking and fucking for dollars and sense to make their chrysalis moment a reality. Hollywood and Silence of the Lambs has done much to damage this journey of transition in the eyes of ordinary punters, making it a sick signature fantasy of the criminally insane. I loved Jodie Foster in that movie; a lesbian actress working against the interests of the LGBTGI, but boy can she act.

Ten Ways to Fund Your Gender Reassignment Surgery

Drugs would come in as the next most popular means of funding gender reassignment. It sure beats sewing (apologies to the writer of Silence of the Lambs) but DIY gender reassignment would be a fairly niche activity in my opinion. Drug dealing is a tried and true means of raising large amounts of money speedily (apologies for the pun). If you want to crack the ton quickly, smack that target good girl, then dealing some dope is the way to do it. Drug dealing and sex work go hand in hand after all, they fit hand in glove, fist in….

With a new vagina costing just under twenty grand, whatever your means of fund raising it needs to be lucrative, to say the least. So, if we have filed away sex and drugs, what springs to mind as another way to get the dosh for this big splash. Real estate is always a player in these circumstances, but not every trannie is positioned properly for a dip into the property market. Stocks and shares would be a similar situation; if you have that kind of action already you wouldn’t be swallowing hard over twenty grand. A specialist personal loan may be the smoothest means of getting the green, if you are just a poor poppet.

Crowdfunding is the new democratic way to get the readies for whatever you want; if lots of people give a little toward a big target it can be a fairly painless way of achieving the desired outcome. Taking to the stage is another out there and outlandish way of raising some serious bucks. Drag shows have always had a universal appeal over many eras. Crime is another traditional means of raising large amounts of money; murder, mugging, blackmail are all popular and well-trodden routes to riches.

So, these are ten ways to fund your gender reassignment surgery, and I hope they prove helpful to those who are seeking that service in the near future.