Transgender Jockeys: Designing Humans

It was just an ordinary Sunday at Pioneer Park. Riders and horserace enthusiasts gather for a horse riding event. As the day comes to an end, no one would have thought that this day would be any different. In an interesting turn of events, female jockeys towered above the five-race program, which is usually dominated by male jockeys. Has horse riding become a non-gender sport?

Despite being a conservative and a “tough person” sport, the once overlooked female riders are now starting to control horse racing competitions, or do they? In a thread dedicated to transgenders and horse-related jobs, a user commented that male riders are still leading the pack at professional levels and international show jumping events. It is only in some parts of the United States where horse riding is considered as a “girl sport.”

Transgenders and Jockeying

 In the same thread discussed earlier, a trans-man asked if it is possible for him to be a professional rider considering that transsexuals may face mockery or ridicule. A normal response to the query would be, “Look at Sloan McGill.” Maybe at some point in the future, the racing industry will need more jockeys who are lightweight but strong. Since more female jockeys are entering the industry, there might come a time that transsexual jockeys would also lead some major horse racing events.

Just recently, an episode of Powerpuff Girls featured a ‘transgender horse’ who would want to be a unicorn.

The horse said, “I may not have a horn, but I do have a heart, and in the heart I know I’m a beautiful unicorn!”

If mainstream cartoons are open creatively to the idea of a transgender horse who would want to be something else, maybe, just maybe, transsexual jockeys would have the approval of more horse race enthusiasts somewhere down the road.

Riding and Gambling

 Undoubtedly, gambling is an integral part of our culture. We make a wager on something or someone, maybe because these are free bets offered by operators or we believe in that something or someone. However, will sponsors make such wager on transsexual jockeys?

It is said that if it isn’t about horses, then it’s not a topic on the sports ground. We do hope that sponsors may not blink an eye if they’d know that the jockey is a transsexual. After all, what’s important is that you win. Jockeys are jockeys first, the rest only comes as second.